Sunset Blend

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Sunrise + Sunset are turmeric based wellness blends. We use turmeric as base for it's powerhouse adaptogenic + anti-inflammatory properties. Sold as a powder, they're easy to add + great in smoothies, tea, baked goods - the ideas are limitless! Tea latte anyone?! Both blends are adaptogenic - meaning they regulate the body's stress and general health. Super important! Ashwagandha, the highlight superfood in this blend, is a powerful natural stress + anxiety relief supplement. Known as the Indian Ginseng, it promotes relaxation + has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. We added Ginger for its spicy kick, but it’s also great for cold/flu relief, pain reduction + inflammation. Equally effective for nausea + detox!



organic turmeric, organic ashwagandha, organic ginger, organic black pepper


the highlights:

turmeric based wellness blends

great for immune relief, pain reduction + detox

adaptogenic - meaning they regulate the body's stress and general health

vegan, organic + gluten free


This product is formulated, mixed + made by our hands in Columbus, OH.

Note: this is a pre-order. all orders will be shipped out by mid-July!